#lookbook: jump around

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#lookbook: first chill

neoprene jumper BURBERRY PRORSUM / shirt BALENCIAGA
jeans H&M / watch AMERICAN APPAREL / spike bracelet UTOPIA
ELEVEN OBJECTS x T L PEK /spiked high top trainers DIY x NIKE

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#interview: Quick Chat with Eleven Objects

Images Courtesy of Eleven Objects (Resort 2012)

 I recently had the opportunity to chat up designers Christine Rhee & Linh Thi Do of Eleven Objects. The pair has created a line aimed at jazzing up bland necklines featuring detachable collars in a bevy of smart colors, patterns, textures and detailed embellishments. Get the low down on what the girls behind the label are into right now in this brief Q&A.

Marcus Mayhem: What inspired you to create Eleven Objects?

Eleven Objects: I feel like Linh and I had a business a long time before we actually started one. We’d hang out and talk about fashion, clothing, and ideas and then this idea came up and we decided to just go for it. We were daydreaming about owning a whole collection of collars and then we realized that we could actually make that happen.

MM: Where does the “Eleven Objects” name come from?

EO: Both of our birthdays are in November (me too, holla!) and our first collection was going to be Fall/winter 2011. The number 11 just kept on popping up and we really liked the way that it looked graphically. It was a sign!

MM: I really enjoyed the concept used in your Resort 2011 lookbook where EO collars were served as a main course. Now it’s time for a treat! Describe an EO collar inspired by your favorite dessert.

EO: I love this question! We get into the Swedish Fish (among other things) when we’re prepping for a deadline. I’d say my dream dessert collar would be a red silk faille collar with large red circular sequins sewn on with gold thread to resemble fish scales. I do love a good monochrome.

MM: Select one word to describe your Spring 2012 collection.

EO: “Sleeves”

MM: You’ve experimented with a wide array of fabrics and textiles. What is your personal favorite fabric or textile and why?

EO: My personal favorite are the silk failles. They’re super crisp and when they’re sewn they look like what collar is supposed to look like in my mind. Although, I am a sucker for the leathers as well.

MM: What are your current favorite songs?

(EO) CR: “Hounds of Love” by Kate Bush.
(EO) LD: I really like the Everly Brothers!

Keep up with the lovely ladies of Eleven Objects via their official website, e-store and over on twitter at @ElevenObjects. Don’t forget to also follow them on Tumblr!

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